May 3, 2011

The Lookout...

I've been busy in the studio lately (and I love every minute)!  I've got several paintings in the works...I simply can't do one at a time.  While one dries I just slide over and work on the next until they are all done.  It's the best way to work.  Aren't barn owls amazing?  Their feathers are so beautiful...

The Lookout watercolor on paper 5x5"
As I work in the studio, I listen to the Artists Helping Artists blogtalk radio program, and am continually inspired by the dialog between the hosts and their guests.  The show is hosted by two daily painters who both specialize in plein air painting (painting outdoors).  I've learned so much from them and have lately been very inspired to drag my watercolors outside and paint.   Artist Mentors Online is another great resource for me and is now hosting a challenge for the month of May in which painters are encouraged to paint plein air as the weather gets warmer. 

Spring is so refreshing and the colors are so bright and beautiful that I think I just might take them up on their challenge to get outside.  Plein air painting is something I've always wanted to try...and with the right tools I think it could be quite enjoyable! 

In the mean time, here's a few more images of The Lookout.

See those other paintings back there?  They're waiting to be finished...

Do you ever get any ideas for paintings that you'd like to suggest to me?  Well, feel free to comment on any of my blog posts with suggestions, ideas, even pictures!  I love hearing from everyone.

Don't forget the challenge to name my painting (and win a free work of art) is still up and running!
See the post below for more details.

Happy May!
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