June 11, 2011

More pictures of my wedding in the barn!

I haven't gotten the professional photos back yet from my wedding and reception,
but (you better believe) I'll be sharing them when they come!
Until then enjoy these sneak-peek snapshots...

Check out my photographer's website!

First dance with dad

Here's a shot Beth Erwin took of a few decorations...the white puff balls are coffee filters!  Tricky huh?

My family- including the 3 sisters

If it hadn't been for the rain, Tag would have gotten a ride that day...lucky Tag.

My brother-in-law is a bit crazy on the dance floor. 
Notice the masks from the photobooth!  
They were WAY too cute to just keep in the stall!

(Special thanks to Kim, Kari, Kaitlyn, and Beth for allowing
me to steal the photos from Facebook!)
Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY SATURDAY!
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