June 14, 2011

today's inspiration...

My inspiration today comes from one of my favorite old black and white photos
I found one day while digging through my grandma's things.
Are you looking for inspriation today?
Because if you are, looking through old pictures might just give you your fix!

The identity of the two boys on the horse (or is it a pony?) is unknown,
but I can't get over how much I love this picture anyways. 
I love the chaps, the bandana, and the crooked cowboy hat! 
And I bet that horse feels fancy with that studded bridle and breastplate!

I also found some amazing photos of riders on buggies carted by horses.
I'll post those soon...and trust me, you'll love 'em!

But in the mean time, here's a few of the best
"horse and buggy photos" from the web...

I'm heading to the studio this evening and am pondering my upcoming
giveaway for the month of June.  Perhaps you will see a painting of a
horse and buggy!  (or maybe a giraffe pulling a buggy?
what about a boy horse trainer?) 
I'm so excited!

So come back soon and see me and maybe this time YOU will be the winner!
(Who doesn't love freebies??)
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