June 6, 2011

wedding bliss...

Well I went and got hitched (in a barn)! 

My mind has been shut off completely to all things resembling reality for the past week.
It's been all "ahh!  I have a house!" and "My husband is hotttt!" and
"Holy crap.  How many loads of laundry is a wife supposed to do a week?"
and "Maybe we should get a puppy.  No, we can't, stop it."

Now it's Monday and my To-do list isn't quite as fun as thinking about my wedded bliss.
It's dawning on me that I now have the blessed task of changing my name on every
document and card and account I have.  Not to mention most of my belongings are still
in boxes in the attic and since our kitchen is M.I.A (under reconstruction) it looks like
lettuce and frozen waffles for a while. 

And what about art?  My studio is now 30 minutes away! 

Looks like the honeymoon is officially over, and it's time to get out of bed
when the sun comes up.
Drat.  (But I was having so much fun!)
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