August 17, 2011

Tiger Moth Family portrait

I'm busy ordering new prints of my latest work, returning emails, buying frames, and dreaming of all the new paintings I have yet to do.  But I thought I'd stop in and post a photo of one of my newest works, a painting of the Tiger Moth Family.  The Arctiidae is a large family of moths with around 11,000 different species.  Here, I've selected a few of my favorite ones...including the largest one in the family, the Giant Leopard Moth. 

Tiger Moth Family Portrait Watercolor on paper

I just like the subtlety of the colors of these moths: the beautiful yellows and oranges.  I added their swirly names underneath and must say that the painting looks very elegant in the ornate white frame I found at a garage sale a while back.  I've been waiting to use the frame for something special...if only I had a picture to share!  I'll take one soon so you can see how great it looks behind glass. 
Oh!  And I just ordered prints of this painting.  So now more than one person can enjoy these small beauties hanging on their walls! 

Hope your Wednesday is a joy.
(Click the image to see it larger.)

*{Here's those pictures I promised...}*

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