September 15, 2011

a few new drawings...

I'm excited this week to be getting back into the swing of things. 
All of these art shows have not only been exhausting, but really haven't given me any time to paint!
With one more show left in the season, I'm getting anxious to start some fresh new ideas...

I've mentioned before my desire to paint a few things for boys.
It comes so naturally for me to add frilly girly things like bright colors and scarves and flower accessories to my characters. The challenge in thinking about paintings for boys is that they tend like darker colors, tales of adventure and danger, and stories of heroism.
Do you think I'm accurate here? (I really am not so sure.)

It is stretching me to come up with slightly darker themes without being too ominous.
But I must say, I am loving the challenge and feel pretty confident in my new ideas!

So here's a brand new drawing:
an orphan boy with a pet owl and a castle...
not sure about the exact story just yet.
I think I'll let the painting reveal the story.

See my list of ideas?  If I don't write them down immediately,
I'll forget them immediately.  The list keeps growing!


Here's another (and very hard to see) drawing of a boy riding a tall giraffe. 
The boy will have a top hat and a sparrow sitting on his head. 
{Check out the sketch in the picture above this top one!}

I love these two vertical compositions!  They inspire me even more than the square format.

In between painting and dreaming of painting, I've got to get cleaning on my studio!
Last night I was able to do a bit of vacuuming and sorting...but there is still so much to do.
I hate clutter!  I've got to sort through my mounds and mounds of paper and books.
Don't you find that to be the most time-consuming project?
Anyone want to do it for me???
I also found a stack of old artwork underneath this table.  I'm thinking of having a sale in my Etsy shop where I will mark it really cheap in order to clear out some space in my studio. 
What do you think??
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