December 14, 2011

Top of the Christmas list...

So how is your Christmas shopping coming along?
Have you found the perfect gifts for all those on your list?
I haven't quite gotten that far yet...but I have found the perfect gift for me!

Every year (in a purely unselfish way, of course) I have this habit of finding this one gift that makes my heart skip a beat.  I usually don't even wait for someone to buy it for me before snatching it off the shelf. 
This year I've truly found something special to help me celebrate this festive season: the book Wildwood.

I consider it my "winter gift" to myself as it has nothing to do with the birth of Christ or the Magi or the gift of salvation to the world (I mean, what could gift could compare?).

But it does have everything to do with an "Impassable Wilderness" and adventure, "a secret world in the midst of violent upheaval, a world full of warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with the darkest intentions."

Lemony Snicket says, "This book is like the wild, strange forest it describes."
And can you believe these illustrations?

"Woods" by Carson Ellis

"South Wood Shop " by Carson Ellis

So beautiful.  What a perfect gift for these upcoming winter evenings.
Wouldn't you agree?

Visit the Wildwood website here and the illustrator's website here.
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