January 16, 2012

The Large Tree Nymph

Tree Nymph Butterflies 8x8" Watercolor on paper, mounted

Working in a children's toy and book shop has its advantages.  For example, I'm the first to see all the latest products and newest toys.  I also get to see and order children's books before they are even published.  The best part is getting first pick of the litter on all kinds of cool new products...like this Butterfly Fandex for example. 

I fell in love with the Large Tree Nymph butterfly because of my fandex.  See how it describes the Large Tree Nymph butterfly and you'll understand why:

"When drifting slowly through the jungles of Asia, the Large Tree Nymph looks more like a ghost than a butterfly.  Its extra-large, gossamer white wings give it the appearance of a phantom rather than an insect.  The butterfly's lazy flight and ethereal appearance have made it a favorite in conservatories, where visitors are often spellbound by the sight of these magnificent Tree Nymphs floating among the greenery."

That makes me smile.
Here I've painted this elegant butterfly feeding on a plant called "Apocynaceae," which is a flowering plant found in tropical rainforests.  The butterflies drink the milky sap from the flowers.

Want to know something else interesting about these butterflies?  Their wings are translucent and as they age, the white on their wings fades to yellow and the black to gray.  I guess I've never really thought about butterflies showing visible signs of aging.

I bet even the old ones are beautiful (and most likely not worried one bit about showing their age).
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