March 20, 2012

Spring is here!

Spring Green {Plant}
6x6 in Watercolor on paper, mounted
This past weekend I came across this very mysterious herbaceous plant called Pilea cadierei among the Exotic Angel plants.
The leaves are dark green and highly textured with rigid red veins.
It looks like the type of plant you'd find in the middle of the woods among the moss covered rocks under a cluster of giant trees.
There's just something so unusual about it that intrigues me.
I've added it to my collection on my kitchen counter where I can touch its leaves and watch it grow every day.  It is seriously the strangest little plant.

But enough about my strange new pet!
Are you excited to greet Spring today?  Have you been fantasizing about gardens and herbs and terrariums like I have?  Have you been pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming about ferns and flowers?  What sort of plants and flowers and vegetables are you going to plant this year?

I've been collecting tiny bottles lately in hope of someday creating something resembling this:

I think I'm becoming obsessed with indoor plants.  They add so much character and life to our home!
And then I want to paint them all!  Emerald and sap green are among my very favorite paint tubes.  There's just no way they'll make it through this Spring alive.  I hope you like them as much as I do because you're bound to see much more bright green Spring paintings very soon.

Happy Spring everyone!

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