September 12, 2012

Monarch Migration

Monarch, 12x12"
Watercolor and collage on paper, mounted

This time of year always makes me think of these migratory insects.  Have you been seeing them around?  If you live near me in Central Illinois (or anywhere along the 40 degree latitude mark), right now is the peak monarch "season" as they have already begun their journey to Mexico.  You'll be seeing them flying through your area in great colonies, stopping only briefly for rest and food.  A few of them have come through my yard, pausing to feed on the nectar of my sweet late bloomers.

It's quite impressive isn't it?  To think what these little insects go through as they beat their tiny wings all across the vast United States.  Can you imagine the sights they see?  The places they land?  The trees changing colors as the cooler wind currents sweep them along. The challenges they face in making the journey the first time.  The sense of duty they have in repeating their ancestor's journey.  The pull they must feel- the allure of the south.  The relief of reaching that warm and sunny destination, huddling together with millions of others who have made the same journey.  Can you imagine the stories they hold and share between them in silence?

That's why I paint them.  I love their colors and beauty and stories.  I love what they represent and how faithful they are to the journey, knowing that if they choose to stay and not go, they are choosing death.

Isn't that inspiring?

Painting available here.
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