February 4, 2013

Landscapes: Iceland

Icelandic Landscape
original watercolor 11x14"

Weekends are wonderful, aren't they? Two free days to sit and watch the birds fly through a soft cloud of giant snowflakes, to drink an entire pot of French Press, to journal and dream, to eat chili and hold babies.  My weekends are quiet and loud then quiet again.  And slow.  Is that how your weekends are?

They are easy to fill with plans and food and friends and work and church.  I’ve decided to replace the work aspect of my weekends with more play.  This new painting Icelandic Landscape is a result of just that.  I want to play and dream and explore new lands with my free two days of the week.  All "work" painting will end for two days every Friday.

Each Saturday morning I sit at our open kitchen counter and think, “If I could do/paint anything today, what would I really want to do/paint?”  And then I pull out my studies from the week, decide where I’d like to travel to, lay out a brand new piece of paper, wet my palette and begin.  No thinking, not very much planning.  Just-for-fun paintings.

It makes me very happy and content.  Slow and quiet and dreamy.
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