June 5, 2013


As I sit here this morning the sun is pouring in the windows and all the flowers in the backyard are in bloom- English roses to my right, peonies in front. And there's this new songbird at my feeder I'm pretty sure is a Warbling Vireo. It's a drab grey in summer and would be tricky to identify if I wasn't sitting here all day long listening to it sing. Our neighbors have lots of trees and bushes in their yard where all kinds of bird families live, including (I'm assuming) this vireo. Listen to it singing here and tell me it's not the prettiest thing!

This week it's all house portraits for me in the studio. Yesterday I got up early and worked late to finish two. I get so lost in painting sometimes that I forget all about the time until my stomach starts to rumble, and I realize I missed a meal and nearly missed my bedtime! I love those long uninterrupted painting days.
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