August 12, 2013

tropical house portrait

Today I wanted to just say THANK YOU for all of your support and kindness during my 12 Day Summer Sale and show you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes into my studio and life these past few weeks. The first photo is one I typically receive after someone purchases a Custom House Portrait from my shop. Once the details are discussed in full (usually through email), I gather my resources, make notes, stretch the paper, sketch the house, and begin the painting.

For this particular portrait the owner requested squirrels, trees, and a grey cat "looking lovingly at the birds." It's just such a dreamy place with wild looking landscaping. I love how the ferns are just taking over the yard and the ivy is growing up the side of the house. If I could get my garden to grow like that, I would. Then I'd take my favorite book and iced lemonade and sit out under the canopy in a hammock and read all afternoon and get nothing done at all. :)

*Just a reminder that prices on these are going up September 1st! If you like to plan ahead for Christmas, now is the time to buy. Browse the collection here.
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