October 30, 2013

House Portraits

The houses I've been painting lately seem to have come straight out of a storybook, wouldn't you agree? They're just so amazing and adorable. This last one is one of my very favorites (although I tend to say that about a lot of them).  The wood paneled house is set back in the timber, shrouded beneath a giant canopy of bright emerald green leaves, and complete with wandering chickens and a long and winding driveway. I like to think it's someone's dream home!

I'm afraid to say my blog posts will, for the next two months, be slowing down considerably as I try to tackle my giant work load before Christmas. I'm so very thankful to have a growing little business here, and don't want to fall behind. If you'd like to still keep in touch between now and then, I'll be periodically posting new things on Facebook and Instagram, which are a much quicker means of sharing life, I have found.
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