December 30, 2013

Finally Back

Well, after an incredibly busy holiday, I'm finally back in the studio with my brushes and my little dappled companion. My two week break turned into an all-out house cleaning/ food making frenzy followed by two straight days of exhausted Christmas cuddling and tv binges.

Seth and I have been talking plans for next year and goals for our bodies, brains, and budget. We've been trapped inside due to snow, ice, wind, etc and, out of sheer desperation, have picked up our running and exercise regimen on the treadmill in our newly cleaned basement. To keep things spicy we've started doing one minute intervals switching back and forth from running to lifting. Otherwise you're just staring at a blank wall for half an hour. I'm already longing for spring.

In other news I'm officially booking custom orders into April of next year! And, as crazy as it sounds, I've already started putting names on my 2014 Christmas List. Seth suggested I start fulfilling holiday orders sooner than September (which is what I did this year), but I still just can't get my head around that.

Anyways, if you think you might be interested in having a custom portrait by spring or summer, I suggest ordering today. But if you just want your name on my list for Christmas next year, you can email me at

Oh, and happy New Year!
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