December 6, 2013


Christmas came a little early for me this year! Seth revealed his plan to "buy me a puppy and wrap it in a box with a bow for Christmas"(which would have been adorable), but once we started talking we quickly realized we had two different ideas about pets. We finally decided on a shelter dog and browsed through hundreds of photos online through humane society websites. I knew I wanted a mini dapple doxin, but they are so hard to find unless you buy from a breeder.

Finally, on Thanksgiving day Seth spotted Sarge, a four year old mini dapple just like I wanted! We went that night and visited him shivering in his cage between about a dozen other barking and jumping mutts. Poor little guy was so nervous!

He's just the absolute sweetest thing and is super low key. He loves to cuddle and chew on his new fleece blanket and soft toys. He's still pretty nervous around most people and has had so many visitors over the past week! Kourtney and Peyton (our neighbor's kids) absolutely love him and help me walk, bathe, feed, and groom him on a regular basis. Then we cover him in his blanket and he curls up and falls asleep, snoring for hours. Such a little darling! He's already such a fun studio-mate.
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