March 6, 2014

5 sketchbook prompts

Now that you have your sketchbook and supplies, let's get started filling those pages with beautiful and fun illustrations that make you happy! Here are just a few tips to get you started in your sketchbook.

1. Keep a list of things that inspire you. Throughout the day pay attention to your surroundings and look for little moments of inspiration. Record what you feel, see, touch, experience in your sketchbook or create a Pinterest board of visual inspiration. I, for example, am naturally drawn to high contrast, bold design and pattern. So, I thought I'd incorporate my own patterns onto pots with bright flowers to add color.

2. Pick one thing that inspires you the most and draw it over and over again. I tend to come back to things like trees, dogs, flowers, etc. They make me happy and give me so much satisfaction to draw!

3. Practice painting patterns with a variety of brushes and lots of water. If you need some ideas for patterns to get you started, I'd recommend looking at textiles and textile designers. A few of my favorites are West Elm, Ashley Goldberg, and Lotta Jansdotter. This is when all of your practice with color will come in handy.

4. Simply observe nature for an endless amount of creative ideas! Draw a close-up of a leaf or flower or hang a bird feeder out your window and draw the birds that visit.

5. Observe your favorite manmade objects and draw them with a paint brush or felt tip pen. For inspiration look to Katt Frank whose simple line drawings of ordinary objects neatly arranged always make me swoon.

Happy sketching!

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