February 15, 2011

brutal honesty...

well, i came home tonight after storming out of my studio in a fit of rage (which, for me, looks quite similar in dimeanor as any other of my moods).  i have a problem.  with myself. 

i am too impatient.  here is what happened.  i made a mistake.  but decided to "correct" that mistake by continuing to dig in the same hole.  then i thought, "well, i'll just paint over it."  so i did.  mistake.  now there is white paint where her hand ought to be.  "maybe it'll just go away if i don't look at it for a while."

unfortunately, it didn't correct itself.  and now i am down to the final touches and MUST face reality.  "how can i cover this up?" i am thinking.  i know.  i'll just glue a big sheet of paper over it.  that'll fix it.


so now, i am stuck.  and i probably won't be able to sleep tonight until i come up with several options for correcting my mistakes. 

any advice would be most helpful and appreciated.  brutal honesty, people.  hit it to me straight.
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