February 28, 2011

my love language...

imagine a place that always smells like hundreds of pine trees.
a place sheltered from the beating sun, the whirling wind, the sounds of civilization. 
a place where you can feel completely alone
and yet not lonely, surrounded by the Lord and His beauty. 
a place to rest and yet to feel more awake than you've felt all day.

ahhh.  this is nice. 
welcome to my favorite place.

sometimes in the morning I get there before the fog clears.  oh how beautiful the trees look with the fog! 
 it's the prettiest gray you've ever seen. 
and it always amazes me how quiet it is...well, quiet in the sense that you can't hear all the cars going 90 just on the other side of the trees. 
all you can hear is the sound of the leaves clapping,
the birds yelling and fighting and singing, the squirrels running in the leaves.
and the most beautiful aroma...something you'd never be able to buy.

and here's the best part.  it's all free.  given as a gift. 
from the Father of love.

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