February 22, 2011

my story...

Have you ever heard it said that telling your story can be one of the best marketing strategies?  I've been trying to figure that out lately.  What is my story?  Even now as I think about it I have a difficult time defining "my story."  But, after a nice and lovely conversation with my little sister, I think I have had a break-through...

My focus was just in the wrong place.  I was trying to define all of these past experiences and work that I've already completed in order to gather enough information to accurately describe who I am.  But I'm always changing and growing and evolving.  So, how can I accurately define my story based on my history when my history is constantly changing?

Here's the thing I realized.  It's really not so much about the story of my past as it is about my future.  What will my next piece look like?  Where will I direct my focus from this point on in order to CREATE a story that I want others to hear?  Constantly focusing on the "mistakes" of my past work can be constructive up to a certain point, but eventually I just need to let go of all that and point myself toward the future, working from THIS day forward...and allowing myself to be exactly who it is that I've been wanting to be all along!

And how wonderful is it to know where you are going!  How motivating!  Now that I have FINALLY given myself permission to change and grow my artwork, I feel more focused than ever!  A strange paradox. 

I hope this is making sense.  And I hope it helps YOU no matter where you are with your art.  It's just nice to finally have the light bulb go on.  So, thanks sister Jam.
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