March 3, 2011

the lost thing...

Shaun Tan is probably one of the most inspirational and talented illustrators of our day.  Words cannot express the sheer genius of this man in creating characters and settings so wonderfully imaginative that you literally feel as if you are part of the story. 

I was first introduced to him when my sister sent me one of his books (The Arrival) that she picked up at Barnes & Noble.  She said, "I thought you'd like it."  um...that may have been an understatement. 

I just happened to flip on the tv this past week to find the nominees for the Academy Award for best animated short.  Naturally, I freaked out when I heard Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing being announced.  And when he won, my jaw dropped, and I began a long series of screams while pointing to the tv and clapping as loud as possible.  I think I might have even jumped out of my seat.  Of course I got some strange looks from my boyfriend who couldn't possibly understand my obsession with this illustrator since he wasn't around when my interest in Tan's work first began.

All this to say, you MUST check out the trailer.  And you MUST look at Shaun Tan's website.  You just have to. 

Also, if you happen to be looking for the PERFECT birthday gift for me (April 5th is quickly approaching), then click here and to purchase the dvd. 
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