April 21, 2011

the black apple...

In case you have never heard of her, here is one of my very favorite
artists on Etsy.  Her name is Emily Martin, and you are not going to believe
how wonderful her artwork is...which is why I have oh-so-nicely linked
her shop and blog right here! 

My very favorite (although it is hard to pick) of all her work happens to be her latest piece...

Still Life with Live Flowers
Isn't it wonderful?  So inspiring. 
It makes me miss being in the studio. 
I have been so busy with wedding things I have neglected my poor paintings. 
They sit cold and lonely on my studio table.

Oh well.  Soon I will wake them from their slumber, and we shall be happy again! 
Which makes me think...what if I, like Miss Martin, took a trip back in time and illustrated some of my favorite children's stories?  I really do love Alice in Wonderland and The Princess & the Pea.  I have plenty to choose from considering my ever-growing collection of fairy tales.  It has always been in the back of my mind, and now that I'm seeing someone else do it, I think I may give it a second thought...
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