April 23, 2011

my very own terrariums...

It was so much fun to make these terrariums last weekend with my best gal pal
Corrie and such a perfect way to celebrate Spring!  I posted a video a few days ago
that will show you precisely how to make one yourself.  Click here to watch it! 

After our scavenger hunt for goods (which, despite the temptation, were NOT stolen from the park),
we began layering in the materials...rocks, moss, charcoal, soil...

...and greens!  Lots and lots of gorgeous (probably weeds) greens! Plus a mushroom or two... 

They even smell like Spring with the little white and purple blooms next to the mint I plucked from the herb garden.  I hope they live long enough to see their new home (1 more month)!

Happy Spring!
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