April 26, 2011

wedding favors...

After many days of painful toil, my wedding favors have finally arrived. 
All 200 of them. 
That's right.  200 handmade wedding favors (what was I thinking????).
Packed away in boxes and ready for delivery on May 28th!
Woo hoo!

Many thanks to all who helped!  Another check on my to-do list. 

Now for the exciting part...my dress fitting is this weekend!  I haven't even so much as seen the thing (other than in my minds eye).  Monica Freng of MoniRose is currently working her nimble fingers to the bone stitching up not only my dress, but 5 more for my bridesmaids.  Her and I have been working in tandem to design my creamy silk matrimonial gown, and I've seen only a sketch so far.  So I'll be traveling up north to Madison this weekend for an excellent time of dress fitting and farmer's market! 

More pictures to come...
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