April 27, 2011

the imaginarium team...

There are many wonderful features on Etsy and many excellent ways for sellers (and buyers) to connect with one another and offer encouragement, questions, discussions, and inpsiration.  I feel as if I've only just begun discovering the wonderful world of Etsy...like I've just dipped my toe in the water. 

Allow me to introduce you to the Etsy feature called Teams. 
Teams are created and administered by sellers (and staff) on Etsy with the specific purpose of bringing together like-minded artists.  Someone starts a team, writes a description (a mission statement of sorts), maybe starts a blog or facebook page, and then invites specific people to join and get involved.  

It's really an excellent thing...something that gets you more involved with artists that share your vision and allows you to make friends with a few among thousands. 

Well, all this jabber has been to introduce you to the newest team I've been invited to...

The Imaginarium!

Doesn't it sound wonderful?  Click and see for yourself...

And while you're at it...have a happy Wednesday!
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