May 7, 2011

the challenge (winner!)...

I'm so pleased with all of the titles my creative friends have come up
with to meet the challenge!  Usually titles for my paintings are an
afterthought, but it makes such a difference to have a title that fits
just right with the painting...

8x8" watercolor on paper
...which is why I've chosen Keitha's title "She holds her fancy like a song"
for this new painting of mine.  How clever is that title? 
Congratulations Keitha!
You'll soon be receiving a gift in the mail as a thank you...

He made his grand escape 5x5" watercolor on paper

He'll be thrilled to escape my studio (there's really not much for
a young owl to do there) and join you at your home!

If you didn't win, don't despair!  ALL of the titles were so exceptional
that I do believe I'll be doing this type of challenge again very soon...
perhaps it will become a monthly contest with free giveaways?

Thank you again and have a joyous weekend!

*Keitha, could you email me your mailing information? 
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