May 11, 2011

simple beauty...

Words cannot express the sheer beauty of art to me. 
I can't tell you how much I love artists who make things like this...

And can you guess how she does it? 
I think you'll be surprised when you go to her Etsy shop and read her profile here.
Her name is Lauren and her shop is called
The Haunted Hollow Tree (love that name!).

You might also agree that this next piece is quite striking...

You're going to love the rest of her work in her shop called Lori's World.
She's like me in that she sells both originals and prints, but the best part is
that she's Italian (which always makes me curious to see more) 
and ends all of her item descriptions with "Ciao."  How cute is that?

Now just imagine with me a portion of a wall in your living room or bedroom
covered with a collection of your favorite pieces from these two shops. 
Would that not look amazing?
Quite tempting....

I'm completely captivated by the simplicity and detail of these paintings. 
Just look at those feathers!  And all of the gorgeous shades of gray!

Now these last few images are just for fun.
Lately I've been fantasizing about filling my terrariums with tiny villages.
Perhaps these shops will peek your interest as they have mine...

Click here to see more from this shop called The Oak Leaves.
(Be prepared to swoon.)

Now, if you just haven't had enough, look how one European artist
makes her jewelry from these tiny ceramic homes...

Check out her shop at Artisanie Europe.
How absolutely adorable!

I could go on...but I'm afraid this post would never end!
Happy Wednesday! 

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