May 19, 2011

Do you know how to train a dragon?

A few weeks ago my Bible study group had a discussion about dragons and dinosaurs
(I'm not sure why of the many interesting tangents our group
likes to take... I think it had something to do with the book of Job). 
Then on the radio I was listening to an interview of a scientist on
Janet Parshall's show "In the Market" who was talking about
"mythical" creatures (like dragons) in the Bible.  I just caught a few minutes of it...
I should really go back and listen to the whole interview because I don't really
remember what all was said...THEN, Emily Martin posted something about
sea monsters on her blog. 

Anyways, isn't it funny how something can spark your interest and then all of the
sudden that thing just keeps popping back up?  Like when you buy a
red Ford Contour and you start noticing that everyone in town
has a red Ford Contour. Well, all of this jibber jabber to say that originally
my curiosity in dragons and mythical creatures began around the time I saw
the movie "How to Train Your Dragon." 
And working in a toy shop where little green dragons are the normative symbol for
curious young boys, I get my share of dragon imagery. 

I'm just wondering where this curiosity is going to lead...because every now and then
when I'm painting my comfortable woodland creatures and their friends,
I sometimes see these dragons dashing through the trees in the background...

The Old Country by Shaun Tan

The problem is that I don't know the first thing about dragons...
I think it may be time for a trip to Barnes & Noble
(for research purposes, of course).

Why in the world am I even thinking about dragons when
I should be thinking about my wedding in week! 
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