June 23, 2011

Another new one in the shop...

Although I finished this drawing several months ago (sometime last winter?), I'm just now getting it in the shop!  I realized while wandering through the studio a few nights ago that I have work lying around everywhere that I haven't posted on my blog OR added to my etsy shop.  Eeks! 
So here's my effort for the day!  :)
As the Wind Moves 22x28" Graphite and acrylic on paper

Click here to purchase or simply to learn more about As the Wind Moves.

I've started thinking more about prints lately...in order to make my work more accessible to the general public.  I'd love to find a place to make prints that I'll sell in the shop for under $50 (hopefully even less than that!).  Does anyone have any suggestions as to the better online printing companies?  I'd love to see As the Wind Moves as a print.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Oh, and don't forget about my June giveaway
Happy Thursday!
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