June 29, 2011

More wedding photos...

In case you missed the link on facebook, here's a post to direct you to Michael Newsted's blog where you can get a glimpse of a few B&W photos from my wedding.  He was one of my photographers, and seeing his blog makes me SO excited to see more!  Check it out if you'd like.

Can you believe it's been a month since I first said "I do?"

Now I'll tell you what we've been up to! 
Seth and I have been working furiously to get the house in ship shape. 
I've been taking lots of pictures (don't you just love before and after pictures?) to show just how much progress we're making.  This week we are (finally) finishing up a few things...and I'll give you a hint:

a place for me to paint:
our basement

 and cook!

the soon to be kitchen

I cannot wait to show you the "after" pictures.  And let me just tell you, all of this cleaning, scrubbing, bleaching, scraping, painting, mudding, and sanding is exhausting.  But well worth it when you see how grand it's going to look!  I have high hopes and many plans in the making...including bright paint, track lighting, big rugs, metal shelving (with wheels!), multiple tables and stools, easels, etc. 

Now, if you are patient with me I'll soon show you the fruits of my labor!

Until then, enjoy your Wednesday and don't forget about my June Giveaway!
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