July 1, 2011

June giveaway winner!

Well, I'm so excited to announce this month's giveaway!  Thanks so much to all those who participated...and remember, if you didn't win this time, 
come back again because I'll be doing giveaways every month!

Now, let's see who gets to become the proud owner of this little number...

Are you ready to find out?
Is the suspense killing you?
Are you on the edge of your seat?
Do you wish I would just tell you already?
Have you already stopped reading this and scrolled to the bottom?

I really shouldn't keep you waiting...

Congratulations April Kamba!
Random.org has selected you as today's winner of the original drawing of 
one of my favorite little birdies: the tufted titmouse (strange name, I know).

Now, your post mentioned that you would hang it in your son Carter's bedroom.  
How sweet is that?  If you feel inclined to take a picture of the drawing with your son in his room, just know you'd be sharing the love and warming all of our hearts!  :)

Thanks again and happy holiday weekend everyone!  

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