July 2, 2011

an Etsy treasury

'Shall I welcome you to my new home?' by TheArtofMichelle

The walls are bare and need some love...

Have I ever told you about Etsy's treasuries? 
In case I haven't, let me introduce you to another fantastic Etsy feature that allows
individuals to curate a showcase of their favorite items. 

My next couple of household projects is to fill our dining room and
bedroom with lovely artwork.  Since I have plenty of empty wall space
to work with, I'm thinking I'll do some sort of collage...
with each piece framed individually.

I'm envisioning this particular grouping (or something like it)
in our dining room (which is an off-white on top and green on bottom).

Hope you enjoy it too!

(Click any of the images above to view them in greater detail.)
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