July 5, 2011

my new studio...

Seth and I have been discussing moving my studio from town to home
(our basement) for convenience and gas mileage.
We finally made the final decision last month, and I've been
a busy bee trying to get the place cleaned up!

As you can tell, it was quite a filthy stinking mess.
But guess what?
After gallons and gallons of bleach and paint,
it went from that (the pictures above) to this...

to this...

and finally to this...

How exciting is that?
There are still a few minor fix-ups (windows, trim, strip lighting, electrical, etc),
but for the most part it is functional and bright and cheery!

And tonight I get to start painting again
(and I'm not talking about the walls this time)!

(Did you notice anything new?  It'll be finished soon and in the shop!)

Oh happy day!
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