July 8, 2011

Goal for July

Hello everyone! 
Friday has finally come and with it comes a chance to relax a bit,
and then I'm off to paint paint paint!
 One of my favorite art shows is this weekend, and you better believe I'll be attending the Sugar Creek Arts Festival in Normal, Illinois.  Then it's time to put my nose to the grindstone in the studio and get some work done! 
Can I let you in on a little something? 
First, let me mention that I've added some new things to my blog
including a list of my upcoming shows (see the left side panel).
Now that you are aware of my (busy) upcoming schedule,
you can certainly understand why I'm a bit anxious to get some artwork done! 
And since shows start next month, my July goal is to get 2 paintings done a day
(which would equal 62 paintings) in order to be prepared for the show. 
I've heard it said that an artist needs to have 3 times the amount of work
at an art show that he/she expects to sell. 

Phew, I say!
Seems a bit much huh? 

It sure does.
But I can do it.  If I don't, no shows for Michelle in August! (boooo!)

So, I'll (try to) post everyday with my new work and get it up in the shop as well.
Gypsy Moth 5x5 in. Watercolor on paper
My Gypsy Moth here has inspired me (along with the Luna Moth)
to paint more butterflies and moths and things of that nature.
They are so beautiful once you really start looking.
Luna Moth 5x5 in. Watercolor on paper
I've always been intrigued with these little creatures, so why not paint them?
I've got a Monarch Butterfly and Virgo Tiger Moth in the works now...
You'll see them soon!
Until then, happy friday.
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