July 13, 2011

Green Birdwing Butterfly

Green Birdwing Butterfly 6x6 in. Watercolor on paper
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Here's my very latest painting, and I've got so much more to come! 
But alas, I am a very busy woman these days and am looking forward to a full day of painting
(and catching up on housework) on Friday as I have the day off work.

But here's a few hints of what I've got developing in the studio...
horse-riding love,
Madagascar Moon Moth,
a bear in the woods,
mother bird and her striped eggs.

I've had the notion lately to paint these butterflies and moths actual size.
And let me tell you, it is so amazing to see how big some of these insects can get!
Soon, I will show you what I mean.  
But for now, enjoy the (actual size) Green Birdwing Butterfly!
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