July 27, 2011

July giveaway...

I have several things on the agenda today:
1. a new painting
2. an announcement
3. a giveaway!

1.  A new painting:  I have this picture of Seth that I took a few years ago sitting on my desk at home.  It's one of my very favorites, probably because it brings back such fond memories of one of our first riding trips together.  This particular day was especially beautiful with brilliant greens all around us, a cool breeze, and complete seclusion as not many people were on the trails that day. 

"Tag" is Seth's beautiful dapple gray Quarter horse.
And it got me to thinking about all the beautiful images I have locked away in my memory of horses and forests and farmland. Along my drive home from work, for example, I love seeing the sun set over the hills of horse farms and grazing pastures, ditches full of wild flowers, and farm land all grown up. I really have enjoyed our horse rides over the years...my favorite part of the trails are always when we enter a densely wooded area in a valley: the air cools around us and the noise seems to completely disappear.

So, in thinking about these experiences, I decided to paint a lovely scene of a young boy gently leading a girl on her horse through an enchanted forest...

Enchanted Forest 8x8 in Watercolor on paper
Click to purchase.

2. An announcement:  As you know, I've been dropping major hints lately concerning an exciting development in my Etsy shop.  I'm so pleased to be able to finally announce a completely new series of PRINTS that feature many of my newest paintings including Luna Moth, Her Trusted Trainer, The Striped Eggs, and many others.  As soon as I receive them in the mail, I'll be packaging them up and listing them for $25 in the shop!  Most of them are around 8 x 8 inches, frame ready, and come in limited editions of 100.  How exciting to finally be able to offer my artwork at a more affordable price and in such great quantity! 

3. A giveaway: My July giveaway has finally come!
Do you remember this painting?
Her Fancy Ride
The top picture is the original, and you'll be eligable
to win the print of Her Fancy Ride (as seen below)...

This is my very first print in my new series and measures 8 x 8 inches.  It's printed on beautiful Epson Premium Semi-Matte Photo Paper, which gives you just a bit of gloss without too much glare.
It's a high resolution digital print with amazing color and richness.

I think giving away my first print in the series (1/100) is a perfect way to celebrate these prints coming to my shop!

Here's how to enter:

Simply "like" my Etsy shop.
That's it! 
Then post the link to your Facebook page in the comments section of this blog post.

(To "like" my shop all you need to do is click the Facebook "like" box on my shop page in the lower left-hand corner.  You'll need to make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.  Then copy the link to your Facebook page on the top of your browser and paste it into the comment box at the bottom of this post.  Voila!  You are done!)

If you don't have Facebook, enter the contest the same way by using Twitter.  If you don't have a Twitter account, simply post a comment with a link from my Etsy shop of your favorite painting (and tell me why it's your favorite). 

The contest begins now and ends on Wednesday, August 3rd.
The winner will be randomly selected using Random.org and announced on August 4th.

Good luck!
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