July 26, 2011

a quick update...

Well, I apologize for being M.I.A lately.  Aside from being slightly under the weather, I have no good excuse!  This past weekend was filled to the brim with an abundance of sleeping and cleaning.  Admittingly not the most eventful few days of my life. 
Aside from sleeping (and I mean to say a lot of sleeping),
I'd like you to remember this from a few posts ago...
It's hardly a recognizable kitchen.  You can see our only countertop
(excluding the floor) was the chair.  But, you know, at least we could
keep things chilled in the random fridge in the corner of this empty room.
Now take a gander at what I first saw when my loving husband came
 and woke me from my (eh hem...day-long) nap on Saturday...

Gasp!  A sink!  With a fully-functioning faucet!
(The donuts were a later addition.)
We've been working on it in stages- the lower cabinets and stove
and dishwasher were assembled about a week ago.  
Despite the fact that there are still random wires
poking through the ceiling and some cabinets still sitting on our living room floor,
I can't help but smile every time I see my new sink and stainless steel faucet.

I spent all day Sunday cleaning every dish that was in our basement.
Although some of the dishes and accessories are still in
our pantry on the other side of the room, I was able to organize
most of my belongings into, what is now, my very own kitchen (so fun)! 


On another note...
I've finally printed some new business cards!

And by tomorrow I hope to post a few new paintings.
I've also got something on order that I'm so excited to share with you
(when the time comes, of course).  I'm leaving for a mini-vacation
this Thursday, and when I get back I really hope there is a package
waiting for me!
Do come back on Wednesday for my July giveaway
and to find out much more about my little surprise!
Happy Tuesday!
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