August 22, 2011

the week ahead...

This week I've got my sights set on getting updates to my Etsy shop and website.  My website is almost done as I've added a "Calendar" section and a new banner.  Plus I've updated prices and pictures of my newest work.  Then I'll need to update my listings on Etsy, which always seems to take more time than I predict.

"Irving is an avid bird watcher" by Matte Stephens
In the meantime I've been taking "shopping breaks" on Etsy.  If I'm going to get around to decorating my new house this winter, I better start collecting now don't you think?

"Meeting to fee birds" by Matte Stephens
Here's a few of my favorites from Matte Stephens.
***  J'adore Matte Stephens  ***
...but I'm having difficulty narrowing it down to just one print...

"Boston" by Matte Stephens
His cityscapes make me feel all warm inside.
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