August 24, 2011

August giveaway...

Before I announce my giveaway, I first have to tell you something so exciting!
My prints will in the shop by the end of TODAY!

Look at all those babes!
I'm so thrilled to be able to sell many of my newest paintings at a more affordable price.  Some of the ones for sale include Her Fancy Ride, She Held Her Fancy Like a Song, Bear and His Unlikely Friends, The Storytelling Moose, and She is Their Comfort.

And, for the first time, I'll now be offering a print version of my painting The Protector of the Forest!


Now for my giveaway...

Virgo Tiger Moth 2  5.5x3.5 in. Watercolor and graphite on paper

Are you interested in winning this original drawing by me for free?


Here's how:
Post a comment to this post and include the title of your favorite painting from my website:  Then, tell me where in your house or apartment (or dorm! ha ha suckers) you'd hang it!


The winner's name will be drawn out of a hat by my lovely husband NEXT WEDNESDAY, August 31st at midnight (that's when the contest ends).  And the winner will be announced Thursday, September 1, 2011.

Good luck!
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