September 6, 2011

artist studios...

I hope you had as good of a weekend as I did!
I spent lots of time outside swinging on the not-on-our-porch swing
and lots of time inside framing some things to hang on our bare walls.

All of this down time really got me dreaming about home improvement...and studio improvement.
Yes, those are things I fantasize about.

Currently my home feels half finished.  As I stroll through one room to the next,
I admire the cleanliness of the kitchen and then stub my toe on the pealing lynolium in the bathroom.

Or I turn from my freshly painted studio to walk up the deteriorating basement stairs.

I suppose my next project will be to finish that half-painted half-molding basement of ours so that it can match the rest of the studio.

Speaking of studios...

Jackson Pollock's Studio

Garden Shed Studio

Picasso's Studio

Vija Celmin's Studio

Henri Matisse's Studio

David Hockney's Studio

Alexander Calder's Studio

 The messiness of Picasso and Calder's studios makes me chuckle. 
And it makes me feel a little bit better about my own messiness.

Viji Celmin's studio is something to aspire to.
I love her clean white minimalist working space.  How I'd kill for those giant windows!

But first, I need to think about storage...

Genine's Art Blog

Design Squish

...not just in my studio, but all over my house!
I'm still in the brainstorming stage (mainly because I haven't got the
courage to put the first nail hole in the wall). 

I think a thrifting weekend is in my near future.  I need to get me some of those old crates!
Anyone free to join me?
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