September 8, 2011


As my art shows are winding down, I'm thinking a lot about Autumn...

My next show is this coming weekend in Chicago (Wells Street Fall Festival). 
And I sort of have mixed feelings about it...

A part of me is excited to still have a few shows ahead and a few more opportunities to sell my work...but there is this other side to my story that longs for a slower paced life, one that isn't filled with a list of things left undone after a hard day of work.  It feels like all I've been doing lately is simply preparing for the next thing in my life without having much time to just relax and enjoy this season of my life (which I really want to do!).

photo by Sparks of Fire
Autumn is my favorite time of year!  It'd be such a shame to miss the changing leaves and brilliant colors, the smell of pumpkin cookies in the oven, and the sight of farmers out in their fields as the sun rises behind them, and the warm expectation of the approaching holiday season.

photo by Lisa Russo Photography
So as the summer draws to a close and the air starts to cool, my mind will be on one thing this Autumn...

photo by Pewter Pumpkin
Sitting down more often and enjoying the things I love pumpkin spice coffee and swinging on the porch swing with my husband.

What is your favorite thing about Fall?
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