September 23, 2011

Decorating ideas...

Yesterday I mentioned hanging artwork on my boring walls as something I look forward to being able to do once time allows.  Well, part of the "artwork" I was speaking of includes a few of my favorite wedding pictures.  But I'm thinking perhaps I'll group some of the smaller photos with other artwork I've been collecting for the past few years.  I really love collections of oddities...

all photos from automatism
Here's a peek of what I've got so far...

Oh how I love this big photograph of Tag!  All of the subtle and soft grays and whites.
I'm thinking of getting a large white frame and hanging him in my gray and white kitchen.
He'd look so dashing and gallant!

Do you see the other things I've got sitting on my living room floor?
Lot's of smaller pieces...I'm thinking a collage of some sort?
Maybe on our large living room wall?

 I'll post the pictures when I actually get crackin on this project.
I'd love to have your input!

Oh and our kitchen is looking marvelous these days.
You will be amazed (as I am) at how far this baby has come since Seth and I first started tearing walls down and ripping trim up.
Before and after pictures to follow!
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