September 22, 2011

Hello Autumn! and my last show...

I woke up yesterday morning and finally realized IT'S SEPTEMBER!
I know.  It's a bit late to be realizing this...but it just hit me.
I drove to work and it seemed like overnight God just took
His giant golden paintbrush and swept it over the whole earth...

Golden fields stretch for miles and miles and accompany me as I make my way through the countryside to work.

It's so pretty.  It makes me happy.

And that's how I know that Autumn is officially here!
Which brings me to...

my LAST art festival of the season!
And what a great note to go out on...
hayrides, grape stomping, wine tasting, pumpkin painting, and ART!
All in a beautiful vinyard in Galena, Illinois

Do you remember me talking about Galena?

These pictures are from my last show there and are of the absolutely gorgeous vineyard Corrie and I visited one evening.  I'm so excited to set up my booth among the grapes!

Once this show is over, I really hope and pray my life can calm down a bit.
It's been pretty stressful to be working so much.

So here are a few things I'm looking forward to being able to do:

Isn't it nice when we can finally get around to doing the things we long to do?
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