October 18, 2011

Hello Colorado!

This beautiful Denver morning finds me (and this random old lady) here,

sipping my Hazelnut coffee and chowing down on a French Toast sandwich...
which is every bit as good as it sounds.

And while I get to see things like this all day,

Seth is stuck in one of these...

Poor guy.

I'm headed to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo today where I hope to do a good amount of studying...
but the fun type of studying where I get to go as slow as I want and think about which animals I should include in some upcoming paintings.

Here's one idea.

I did a quick sketch yesterday and a bit of writing that has something to do with a magical apple tree and a courageous mountain goat. 

I'm currently obsessed with these animals.

How cool are their huge fur coats and long beards?
Animals like these inspire stories out of me.  Can you imagine what their lives must be like up in the snowy mountains?  I love 'em.  Check out my pinterest to see more pictures.

Oh!  And did I tell you that I might get to see a castle today? 

I've actually never seen one in person before, but have a castle in one of my new paintings so I'll be glad to get some pictures of it.

If you are wondering why I'm in Denver, click here.
If you're interested in a thing called a "giraffe cam," click here.
Maybe you'll click it at the right time and see me waving!

Good-bye for now.  Hope you are having a good week so far!
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