October 22, 2011

Colorado inspirations

Oh how I wish I could have brought a piece of those mountains back with me.
I would have liked to keep it in my pocket.
Just a bits and pieces of the blue.
They truly were my favorite sight in all of Colorado.  The most beautiful part is the way bits of light and fog move across them all day long, sending some into the background and bringing some into focus.

Brendan Reals Photography

I tend to think that the most beautiful things in this world are not manmade things at all, but carefully crafted things made by the artistic hand of God.  Can you see His fingerprints in these hills?

Once I get my photographs from the trip in order, I'll show you much more of what I mean.
Surely these mountains will make their way into my paintings!

Wild Wilderness Photography
Perhaps this little guy will too...

Julie Magers Soulen Photography
Perhaps he already is!

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful post about Colorado. Nature truly is the greatest artist. Thanks for including my Rocky Mountain goat kid. He's in great company!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography