October 10, 2011

Painting: Step 5

This next step in painting can sometimes be a bit frustrating.
It's the corrective step: the time when I re-evaluate the composition, the colors, the overall design.
I walk away from the painting for a while...
I think, I stew, I tilt my head at funny angles.

When I come back to it, I'm ready to make some changes.
For example, I was distracted by all the details at the giraffe's feet.
I want the focus to be on the boy, the bird, and the giraffe's face.
Not the feet.



So I smoothed the layers and added a wash of dark green.
Much better.

I was also a bit bored with the butterfly.
Sometimes I just want there to be something more to bring the viewer in....to make you look closer.  So I added detail with my extra sharp pencils and tore and glued paper for added interest. 

With this stage done, I only have a few more things to do to finish up!
In the mean time (and on a side note), I've been tearing my entire studio apart and moving/rearranging everything in order to make it a more efficiant use of space.
You won't believe the mess!
And I went on a photoshoot last evening with the most adorable kids for some upcoming paintings I've got swirling around in my brain. 
So much to look forward to!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!
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