December 28, 2011

I think I'm a 50 year old woman at heart.
I'm beginning to love all of the things that I used to make fun of my mother for loving.
Like shoulder pads and big glasses,
and saying things like, "oh my" and "I'll be jiggered."

And birds.

I can't help it.

I spotted these beauties one morning as I came ripping around that corner on my way to work.
These ducks nearly ate my bumper for breakfast.

Well of course I had to stop and take pictures.
And yes, that's definately something my mother would do.

Would you just look at them?!  I was practically chasing them down to get their picture.

So pretty with their spots and bluish shades of gray.
One of them even had a little afro on top of his head.
Can you see it there in the center?

I can't wait to paint them!  I even found a little gray striped feather, which I kept for a souvenir of course.
Does anyone know what kind of ducks these are? 
Isn't it rare to see them in Illinois so late in December?

Maybe I should just ask my mother.
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