January 25, 2012

at home...

Has your week been going well so far?  Mine has been so pleasant.  This last weekend my mom came over and remedied our dining room curtain dilemma.  Now every time I walk past this room (that was once a bedroom) I admire the filtered light that streams in and think about what a difference beautiful light makes to a room.  And while mom was busy sewing and I was busy talking, Seth preoccupied himself in the kitchen finishing the paneling below the counter.  How nice it was to sit and watch a few more pieces of the house come together!

I've been spending a lot of time at that counter lately reading, drawing, thinking, praying, painting, eating, drinking coffee.  And with Seth on the road this week, I've had ample opportunity to spend some time with my new friend Kristin.  

Oh!  And the paintings I've been doing...I really think you are going to love them.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to share them just yet.  But I will give you a hint: they have something to do with this.
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