January 9, 2012


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 12x12 in. Watercolor on paper

Finishing a painting is like finishing a good book.
If you’re like me, you tend to read several books at once with a stack of the ones you have yet to read on your bedside table.  Reading is a pleasure I look forward to, something that motivates me to sit still for a while or to go to bed early.  But books take time.  To finish a book takes a lot of time.  But when you finally get to the end- the most exciting part- you realize it was all worth it.  You set the book down and breath a sigh of relief.  You revel in the feeling of accomplishment before you quickly jump off the couch or out of bed and scan through your stack to find your next big adventure.

Painting is like that.

I'm never more motivated to begin a fresh painting as I am the moment I finally complete one.
And as good as it feels to finish something, it feels even better to begin again with a clean slate.  A whole new adventure.
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