February 6, 2012

Meet Adrie

8x10 in Watercolor on paper, mounted

One Autumn afternoon I spent an afternoon among the trees at my favorite park taking pictures of one of my favorite families: the Doolins.  I've gotten to know the three girls and little boy over the past few years as they frequent the toy shop (where I spend most of my days) after school to play with the puppets and to say hello.  They are quite the little family- each one similar but very distinct.

I've always wanted to paint these girls and their brother and am, over the course of the next few months, going to paint each one to share with you. It's such an exciting project!  I've even created their own page on my blog for you to follow along as I journey deeper into the lives of these four characters.

*  *  *

This first portrait is of Adriana, the third of the four children.  You might remember Honna from an earlier post?  Honna's portrait will be finished soon, but in the meantime I'd like to tell you a bit about Adrie.

She's vibrant and warm, outspoken and smart.  She might appear introverted at first, but her charm and wit is in fact more like a firecracker- quick with bursts of brilliant color.  Although she might be sensitive at times, she's certainly not afraid to speak her mind or let her voice be heard.  But what I like most about her is her ability to be both extremely feminine and tom-boy, girly and gross. 

This is only one among hopefully many portraits of Adrie.  I have a feeling you will love getting to know her and her siblings just as much as I have.

Many more to come.

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